Despite the different types of people and opinions within a Facebook group, there's some mighty powerful stuff that all the members have in common.

In the fall of 2019 we took raw footage from a previous campaign and remixed it into a brand new concept for a set of 8 pre-roll ads (the short little videos that play before the things you are actually trying to watch on Youtube, Hulu, ESPN, etc.).


Joy comes in many shades here—from the giddy delight of a shared car obsession, to the melancholic sweetness of watching your kids grow up. These certainly give us the feels as we made them, and we hope they do the same for everyone that see’s ‘em.

More detail available in-person. 


Made for:

Facebook (In-house)

My role:

Creative Co-Lead / Art Director



ECD: Sue Anderson
Creative / Writing Partner: Jack Fund
PM: Andrew Furth
EP: Jim Haight
Producer: Vera Kacurova

Major thanks to James Smith and Ian Bauer for kicking off the original batch of this work.


Post Production: Jess Mora at Cut and Run
Editor: Lucus Eskin at Cut and Run
Color: Dave Hussey at Company 3
Sound: Joaby Deal at One Union
VFX & Finishing: Todd Hensley at Jogger
Music: Marmoset, ButterWalker


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