We helped Dwell envision a completely new online experience, one that would help readers, advertisers and publishers alike. We developed the concept, advertising strategy, and designed and build a prototype that we partnered with the in-house engineering team at Dwell to complete.


A sample of the digital brand guildelines we produced.


Made for:

Dwell at Instrument

My role:

Concept development, UX & UI design, advertising strategy, motion direction, prototype direction, sales tool development.



CD: JD Hooge, Jessie White, Justin Gorman
Prototype Developer: Jordan Egstad
Strategist: Kacie Wise
EP: Laurel Burton
Producer: Andrea Kappa


PS: You never really know your clients until you climb on their logo (with the amazing Jessie White), or get kicked out of a rooftop pool with the founder and her friends.


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