I’m a creative director, culture maker, artist, musician, & Texan. I believe in the power of storytelling, technology, emojis, kindness, & I cannot stress this enough — hot tubs.

📷: My daughter Beatrice
Photo (& backpack) credit: my daughter, Beatrice

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My approach 💖:

I’ve had a jungle gym of a career path. Here’s what happened:

I played drums around the world > got into freelance design > went in-house at Nike for Global Basketball & Women’s training > jumped into agency roles at advertising then design shops > grew into digital design > transitioned to art direction for campaigns, films, & wild tech stuff > now I’m in-house at Meta leading creative teams & agencies on rad marketing & social campaigns. I’ve also won some awards, judged some award shows, yadda yadda yadda.


There’s a through-line in the zigs & zags of my career, & identifying my approach (aka signature) helps me be more self-aware, work faster, & scale my thinking to teams & collaborators. My goal is simply…

Make stuff that sneaks past your brain & hits you in your heart.™

So here’s the problem: people are bored to death. It’s our job to get them "un-bored" & I’m convinced that making stuff smart or pretty isn't enough — if our work doesn't connect at a deeper, human level, it'll be forgotten in half a thumb swipe.
It’s simple in theory but hard to achieve. Though “creative" is in our job descriptions, sometimes the system wants formulaic work that feels like math.

But... I want to make magic, not math; & making stuff that “hits you in your heart" is a magic trick. 

Creative magic is something to be respected, recognized, & rigorously pursued. It's good for business, it impacts culture, & it’s just plain fun.

This is a team sport, & it’s possible to infect the people around you with creativity. Yes, smarts are required, but we need more than formulas; we also need surprise, mischief, play, failure, emotional intelligence, ridiculousness, killer timing, & luck.

My work now is about inspiring & curating great ideas, setting my team up to be the most interesting storytellers in the biz, & helping the world’s best brands sneak into some hearts.



Selected clients 📈:

Art Institute of Chicago
Electronic Arts
Harper Collins
Kentucky Fried Chicken
NFL Network
Penguin Books 
Portland Timbers
Ray Ban
Sequoia Capitol
Smith Optics
Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Inspiration 🎓:

That Thing You Do! by Tom Hanks
Sleeping Muse by Constantin Brâncuși
Beyoncé by Beyoncé
Zwei Dunkel Jungen by Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim
Room on Fire by The Strokes
Counterprint by Karel Martens
Songs for Beginners by Graham Nash
Grid Systems In Graphic Design by Josef Muller-Brockmann
Jazz by Henri Émile Benoît Matisse
Come on Over by Shania Twain
Batman: The Animated Series by Bruce Timm & Eric Radomski
Madvillainly by Madlib & MF Doom


PS: You lookin’ for talent 👀?

Diverse perspectives = better work & more fun! Please check out the amazing collections of under represented talent at Free the Work, Blacks Who Design, Women Who Design, People of Craft, & Hire Black Creatives.

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