🏆 Celebrating Facebook Groups, The Best Part Of The Internet™️, with the FIRST EVER ✨Facebook Community Awards✨.

To launch the Awards (& get folks to VOTE), we built a massive, integrated, product-marketing experience, with 27 unique films (not counting multiple aspect ratios or end card versions), & 32 statics that tell the story of 22 amazing groups and thier admins.


Facebook groups are not happy accidents! From the world changing to the kinda weird, the greatest groups are built on purpose, by regular people who believe in a vision. These are the real internet heroes, & they deserve some recognition.

(whoa — it rhymes)

There was no ‘production’, just post production. All we did was take real stories from the admins, dig through mountains of lo-fi UGC, throw in some mixed media weirdness, find some sweet sweet music, play around in edit, and — bing bang boom — you’ve got an authentic, people-powered vibe that feels of-the-internet, and looks more like “content” than “ads.”

In addition to the “anthem” above, we made 3 promo films that captured the feelings people get from groups, and convey just how rad the nominees are…

It should be really hard to choose a winner. We wanted to showcase what was beautiful, unique, true, quirky, special, emotive, and amazing about all 22 groups and their admins with their own “Nom Noms” aka Nominee films. There’s something to love about each group, and we think it shows.


See all 22 group films when you GO VOTE - info here.


Made for:

Facebook App (In-house)

My role:

Creative: defining strategy, shaping the concept, navigating the process with marketing partners, collaborating with internal teams and agencies to craft each deliverable.



ECD: Jesse Coulter
CDs: Andrea Mileskiewicz, Garrett Jones, Jose Luis Martinez, John Slater, Daniel Ilic
Creative: Chanler Bledsoe, Nicholas San Marzano, Lahn Nguyen, Marian Chiao  
Producers: Charlotte Peterson, Lisa Chan, Brandon Romer
Program Managers: Andrew Furth, Sabrina Coulston, Pavitra Pothpan


Production company: 1st Avenue Machine
Directors: Henri N’ Sebastian
Lead Editor: Jay McConville
Additional Editors: Natalia Loiacono, JoLynn Garnes, Evan Kultangawa, Jonny Vitagliano, and a team of assistants
Design & Animation Studio: Deux Wave
Original music for anthem: The Teenage Diplomat
Mix & Sound Design on Anthem: Lime
Music for Nom Noms: BDS, Antfood, Marmoset, and APM
Mix & Music & Sound Design for Nom Noms: Antfood
Licensing: Salt + Lime, Catch & Release


PS: Here's some metrics for you nerds:

  • 362 licensed clips of UGC
  • Approx. 184+ total people working on this (81 from Facebook, 103 from vendors)
  • 26 consecutive all day edit sessions via Zoom (a new personal record)
  • 22 cool groups and their admins
  • 8 weeks from concept to launch (should have been 13+)
  • 7 time zones (from a team working across the US, Argentina, the UK, France, & Vietnam)
  • 6 editors
  • 5 music houses
  • 1 best-in-class marketing product integration campaign
  • 0 birb injuries


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