Each year (before 2020☣️) Facebook put on the F8 Developer Conference. It was the big event where Mark and other leaders made major company and product anoucnements, and where we brought the global community of developers, media and tech press together.


The story for 2019 was all about the Facebook family of apps coming together (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Oculus, etc.), and how this combination of technology enables huge potential for connection.

This event unfolded over two days of talks, demos, films and experiential art installations with 5,000 in attendance and millions watching online.

More detail available in-person. 


Made for:

Facebook (In-house)

My role:

Creative lead / art Director



Creative: Cameron EwingOmid RashidiKinda AkashMassaër Ndiaye, Zoe Franklin, James Anderson
Production: Lizzie Shook-Winkler

Major thanks to the massive extended team of peers, collaborators and friends, too numerous to count.


Branding: Instrument
Website: Haus
Animation: Buck
Event Experience: Amplify

With many, many more venders across the globe.



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