😮 Very special Facebook groups deserve a spotlight, so we developed an ongoing campaign to hero these groups and make it clear that Facebook is a place for entertainment, cultural relevance, and fun.

The “Trending on Facebook” campaign is a scrappy, lo-fi format that represents the feeling of being in the groups, using ingredients from the groups. They’re basically time capsules, scientifically crafted to make you smile.


We try to make each film as stupid-simple as possible, boiling down the group to a singular feeling through clever editing of UGC.

No narratives, no exposition, no story structure, no supers, no plot. Just ingredients collected from the group, a montage edit structure, a modern internet style, the group name up the whole time, and some bold audio.

We always do films, but sometimes we go further with “takeovers” that extend across all our channels and take a variety of forms — static posts, cover photos, supporting gifs and copy for comunity moderation, stories, etc. 

😱️ They pretty much always get weird...

🙌 And finally, the amazing group that started it all...

This is an ongoing, long term program, with 30 “hero” films so far, and more coming out each month across the multiverse. 🤙


Made for:

Facebook App (In-house)

My role:

Creative lead: Shape overall concept and execution, define and scale design and storytelling systems, and continue refinement over time



ECD: Andrea Mileskiewicz
GCD: Jesse Coulter
Producers: Molly Fleet, Scott Pierce
Program Managers: Rachel Greenlee, Kim Withee, Haley Mazza


Initial Edit: Matt Posey @ PS260
Addl. Edits: Even Odd, Laundry Service 
Music: APM, Marmoset 
Casting: Salt & Lime, Human Kind
Trend Research: Sparks and Honey


Some more work ︎
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