Modern work is in the office, at home, on the go, across the globe β€” all at the same time. Google created Jamboard to make this type of real time, remote collaboration better. They took the ease of a whiteboard and mixed it with all the powerful tools you'd expect from a Google product.


In our 10 video campaign, we sought to capture the energy created by pushing ideas forward, and to demonstrate how the Jamboard frees you up to focus on the ideas and not on the meeting.

Behind the scenes from Portland and L.A.


Made for:

G Suite at Instrument

My role:

Co-creative-lead, concept development, script development, art direction, design, music supervision, casting, hilarious Michelangelo jokes.



Director: Truen Pence
Copywriter: Andrew Dickson
Strategist: Robin Cornuelle
Motion: Marc Lehman, Evan GΓΌtt,
EP: Paul Welch
Producers: Beda Calhoun, Chad Dawson
Editor (and VO): Kyle Stebbins
Storyboards: Breena Bard, Sheri Smith


Production: Ways & Means
Color: Lightpress
Music: Beta Petrol


PS: Night Market Song in Silver Lake was a major highlight. Thanks Steve.


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