2023 was a big year for Artificial Intelligence at Meta. We showcased these AI advancements to the world by picking up the subject where Mark left it last: at the Zuckerberg family home...


Back in 2016 Mark built Jarvis, an AI assistant for his home, voiced back then by both Morgan Freeman and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fast forward to now and Jarvis has a lot of new AI friends, so we looped in a cast of the most super duper famous folks ever to bring them to life. 

We sent out social teasers highlighting the passage of time.

The new AI announcements were revealed at Meta Connect, which included a live demo chatting with the Dungeon Master himself.

Filming at the real Zuckerberg home in Palo Alto, looping in Mark’s whole fam (and seeing that dynamic), wrangling all these celebs, navigating how to show a product that was still being built as we worked, and putting everything together was a whirlwind.

Tho I got shingles from/while working on this, we had an army of the best partners in the biz putting TLC into every frame, and the effort absolutely shows. This was fun.


Made for/with:

Mark Zuckerberg

My role:

Creative director & idea guy : )



Andrea Mileskiewicz, Liz Kelley, Frederick Thornton, Mona Lisa Farrokhnia, Carolyn Mao, Kevin Raich, Lior Spirer, Derick Mains, Iska Saric, Tucker Bounds, and a multitude of prouduct teams and cross funtional QTs. 


Mark Zuckerberg (and his actual family)
T-Pain as “Jarvis”
Tom Brady as “Bru”
Kendall Jenner as “Billie”
Dwyane Wade as “Victor”
Charli D'Amelio as “Coco”
Snoop Dogg as “Dungeon Master”

Additional Cast:

Paris Hilton as “Amber”
Roy Choi as “Max”
Mr. Beast as “Zach”
Padma Lakshmi as “Lorena”
Israel Adesanya as “Luiz”
Naomi Osaka as “Tamika”
Chris Paul as “Perry”
LaurDIY as “Dylan”
Sam Kerr as “Sally”


Production Company: Iconoclast
Executive Producer: Caroline Pham
Director: Matthew Frost
DOP: Autumn Durald Arkapaw
Producer: Rob Stark

Editorial Company: Exile
Editor: Matt Murphy
Assistant editor: Chris Messier
Producer: Christopher Meadows
Producer: Dylan Majerus

VFX Company: a52
Creative Director: Jesse Monsour
Design Director: Benjamin Woodlock
Designer: June Cho
2D Animator: Peter Murphy
Flame Artists: Kevin Stokes, Richard Hirst, Andre Arevalo, John Valle, Michael Vaglienty
Producer: Everett Wayne Cross
Executive Producer: Kim Christensen

Color: Primary Color
Colorist: Adam Scott
Executive Producer, Color: Christina Roldan
Producer: Diane Valera
Color Assists: David Oh, Matthew Stepanek

Music: Human
Composer lead: Gareth Williams
Production: Carol Dunn, James Dean Wells, Kenzo Perron, Morgan Visconti, Rob Suchechi 


PS: this is how I pitched the idea. I’m in awe of how it grew...

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