The Portland Timbers were the 2015 MLS Champions. Inspired by the passionate Timbers Army chants, we made a fully responsive web-based video game called Set Piece. It was full of inside jokes and references to the soccer, the Timbers, and the Pacific Northwest itself.


When you clear a certain number of lines, we’d chop off a log slice and swap the background for another iconic scene from Oregon.


Made for:

Portland Timbers at Instrument

My role:

Concept, Naming, Branding, Art Direction, UX/UI Design, Illustration supervision, in-game audio recording, music supervision.



CD: Matt Sundstrom
With: Ryan Kiley, Aaron Poe, Adam Gault
Illustrations: Sheri Smith
EP: Kara Place
Producer: Stephanie Lanning
Technical Director: John Brown
Developers: Justin Levinson, Martin Lassen, Matthew Goshman
Sound Design: Evan Gütt
Game music: Marmoset

Play now at


PS: I touched the net during a MLS match


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